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Powerful Image Chick 6-30


I was looking around to see a post naming this blonde, but found nothing. So does anyone know who she is?


It looked like Britney Spears at first.


true it does look a bit like britney spears, although the woman in the powerful image seems to have a much bigger chest...my scientific analysis


Britney Spears? Sheesh.

Her name's Tamara Witmer.



Now we know how to get TC to give up the names of the PI models ... just make a ridiculous comparison to a vapid pop culture icon.

I'd like to state in advance that next Friday's model looks a whole lot like Paris Hilton.


Oooooh oooh ooh, or Nicole Richie!


Now the real question is, how many of you immediately Googled "Tamara Witmer" to see if there are any nudey pictures of her?

(I'm going to as soon as I finish this post)


I'd tell you you were wrong, because paris hilton is far too boney to be powerful in any way.



If you didn't you must be gay. (Or your wife can see the screen, like mine can, so I have to wait till she goes to another room, dammit.) Playmate, eh? Can't wait.


Wrong! Her jaw muscles could kick anyone's ass....


So I just googled her, and damn!
At first I didnt think she was powerful image worthy as she just looked like a skinny model but I was wrong!


The wife went downstairs to watch a movie with the kids, glad I waited. Holy shit she's hot!


Tamara Whitmer, I went to high school with her, damn she is hot.


Let me start by saying this girl has a beautiful face and nice lungs, but other that that she doesn't do a damn thing for me.

She's diet skinny, not exercise skinny. There's zero muscle tone in those legs. She's got really high heels on and there's no calf action going on.

Sorry, she just looks like she's coasting through life on their pretty face, though I'm sure reality will kick in soon enough.