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Powerful Image: Chainsaw


I don't know alot about ice but I do know that chainsaw won't cut much wood.

The degree of airbrushing is just too obvious.


I don't know a lot about ice but I know that the chainsaw is NOT what I'm looking at in that picture.


I don't get why this one is a Powerful Image--it's just a scrawny chick holding a chainsaw. Not like the last Powerful Image of Jodi Miller's amazing butt.


My thoughts exactly. Not that I'd kick her out of bed, but all she really has is the bimbo-factor, maybe some cardio training, and youth.

Regardless, she's definitely not a member of my family.


I'd hit it mutiple times


Sure it will.

I have one just like it and it has worked very well.

She better tighten up that chain though. If it slips off she will end up with a new and oddly placed hoo-haa.




Exactly what I saw. What she needs is an expert woodsman to pull her chain.