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Powerful Image 8-3-05


Good to see Nicholson has whipped himself into shape for when he reprises his role as The Joker in the next Batman movie. But what's with the bikini?


Alright, Nate, I took a gander over there and you are right she bears a facial resemblance to Jack in the Joker role. :slightly_smiling:


My thoughts exactly!


Yeah... I bet she just "woke up too big" one day as well.

Nothing to do with the years of ass busting work combined with boatloads of substances never meant to be in a woman's body.

Just in case some newbie comes along and thinks they are in danger of achieving this by doing a set of heavy squats or something frighteningly ignorant like that.


At least she isn't in the process of peeling off her clothes in a motel room. Or flipping up her skirt while barely containing her breasts with her hands. Etc... I'm happy to see a pic of a woman bodybuilder as a normal person, instead of the usual sexual object. Kind of interesting to see this "behind the scenes" perspective.


I agree. I'm also glad she's not doing these things.


NateN - you are too fucking funny dude!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA.


Normal person?

The pic is of (what...certainly most men and I suspect women would consider) an overmasculinized female and your reaction is reminiscent of many of Gojira's (that I remember, I don't read many of these threads any more).

Your threads are great BTW, but it sounds like your...bothered enough by the...other kinda female pic that it kinda skews your view here.


A lil T&A never hurt anybody.


This is a powerful image alright. Powerfully nauseating.


Well, I mean normal person in that it's a candid shot where she looks like she's getting ready for an actual shoot and is maybe off to the side talking with someone... Even though she isn't many peoples' ideal bodytype, she is actually somebodys' wife/mother/sister/daughter/friend. Brian Moss seemed to capture another unique perspective - I find his work pretty interesting.

Why do I always find myself shaking my head and chuckling when I read Nate's posts? :slight_smile:


Nate, that was funny.


So I am the only contrarian? Well, it wouldn't be the first time. With this one photo, the Moss cat certainly captures much about female bodybuilders that most find so repulsive.

I like strong women ... strong willed and confident ... strong bodied and able. Imagine the "balls" it takes for a woman to do this! Day in, day out, doing for her and only her what flies in the face of 99.9% of the populace. That, my friends, is confidence.

That being said and set aside, I would totally have sex with her.

Bastard Freaky Guy


Looks to me "she" is somebodys' husband/father/brother/son/Transvestite friend...

geek boy


There are female BBers out there that have large muscles and still retain some femininity. This...woman, looks like a man without a wang.


Why do they keep showing Brian Moss's shims? Did they get a bulk deal on the rights? I don't think these are the ideals most women who read this site and post on it are aspiring to. I know most men would say they think pro bodybuilders are stupid and they don't aspire to look like them either, but I can understand why they might put up a picture of Lee Priest or some pro bb because deep down, I think all of us would like to look like a pro(without the gut) and be as strong as a pro strongman or pl. It's ok for guys, not ok for women.


These pics always get a good number of comments. People react. The formula works. Why change it?


I agree!! And a lot of it because I admire the time and dedication it took her to get there.

Besides, I bet when shes off-contest, and fills in a little, she looks hot in a little jean skirt.


Well, I have to wonder why simpply dedication makes you great... Hitler was dedicated... So was Stalin... But for the majority they were NOT normal.

I totally agree. She looks gross. :frowning:


Before "supplements"...