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Powerful Image 8/08/05


Today's Powerful Image has a great physique. Near ideal, in my opinion, for taller guys.


Serge Nubret... an ideal physique for any man to aspire to. Awesome.


Nubret? cool


I agree that he has an awesome physique, but why specifically for taller guys? For all I can tell from the pic, he could be 24" tall. Why wouldn't that be a good physique for a guy 5'10"?



Yes. Perhaps. But I wouldn't want to be that big at 5'7. I know many here will disagree. But we don't live our daily lives in a speedo onstage. We walk around in clothes. Muscles are great! But I think being too big as a shorter/short guy just makes you look shorter and stumpy.


If someone asked me what the ideal is that I would wish to achieve through bodybuilding, I would have to point to Serge.


That photo of Sergio Oliva is very inspiring.


LOL, beat me to it.


I've always thought Nubret had the best pecs in the business, better than Ahhhnold. Total man-made armor plating.

Nubret was the prototype for an aesthetic, well balanced pro bodybuilder's physique. I've heard one of his big things was to train in the cold (gym doors open in the winter, that kind of stuff). So, I'm gonna go try that now, 'cuz, like, he did it, so if I do it, I'll look like that.


Just some stats on Serge Nubret (for comparison):

Height: 6'0

Offseason Weight: 212 lbs.

Competition Weight: 200 lbs.



I'm not exactly sure of the date of this pic...but today, Serge is 67 years old...

I think that this was when he was a young-pup of about 57...

(Damn...he let is waist get thicker!!!)





I think of these pics of people like Serge...and get REALLY pissed off on these Bodybuilding Boards when some hack insist that Bodybuilding has "always" been about "gettin' as big and freaky as you can"...

Right...tell Serge that...

I hope Chris and TC see this...

Any chance of putting Serge on the "interview list"?

I think that it would be cool!



That guy looks HUGE for 6' 200lbs. His BF% must've been just high enough for survival.

BTW, what does he look like now? Isn't he close to 70?


Sorry, guys!

In the FIRST pic, Serge is in his mid-to-late 40's...

Here he is today.




Are you kidding me? That's him in his late 60's???


This was posted on another thread, but definitely worth a repost. Dozens of pics of the man at his best.



Truly impressive for decades on end!


The kid who started the "uneven abs" thread needs to see these pictures. Serge's abs look like a jigsaw puzzle.


...and awesome.


I love reading these numbers of the classic bodybuilders, and comparing them with today's, which are usually something like:

Height: 6'0

Offseason Weight: 278 lbs.

Competition Weight: 236 lbs.

Those guys back then had 6-packs all year round. The Professor will pounce on me for this, but that's what I think the essence of bodybuilding is: You are muscular, and you are lean. You may be leaner at certain times (for contests, if you're a competitor), but you should always have a 6-pack.

If only I could make this work for me...

And I second the person who said Serge had great pecs. I like them more that Arnold's too.