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Powerful Image 7/7


"Dear....Lord...I .....can't .....get....this .....skirt....up.... Oooh, you look strong and buff,... can you help me get this skirt up over my highly developed posterior chain?"


Haha man if I got to see an ass like that....it would be a goooood day.


I would suggest taking the panties off first to make room for that skirt...yummy.


That is one spankable ass. Mmmm mmmm mmmm!!!


Highly developed posterior chain my ass!


Yes, your ass does have a nice poisterior chain sitting atop it!


You make me blush.


I mean seriously, you must stare at your posterior chain in the mirror?! I cant count how many times I've supersized your avatars! :slight_smile:


Your kinda skinny though... I prefer Powerful Image 7/7. She does have nice muscular development there, btw, for a professional sex object. It's just more difficult to see.


First off, its "you're" not your. Second, what a dick comment you just made.


Fanfuckingtastic! I knew I wasn't fat...

Dude I've got about 25 pounds on the PI... and you think I'm skinny?


But which cheeks are blushing?


Ah yes, Sophie Moone.. a hot hungarian straight outa budapest! shes a pretty popular ddf model.


I get this shit, for simply stating my preference for a woman with more fat? (perfect: 18-20%) I think you just made the overreaction of the year. Congratulations! Not to mention two or three contiguous "dork comments"...

And completely chauvanistic too, that you think Sic needs defending, when I KNOW you wouldn't do the same if this were a guy comparing himself to a PI.

Everyone's got a right to their opinion. If Sic didn't want to hear it, then she shouldn't put herself out there. One can't just expect the desired result... Sic presents her image and shoots down the model's. You blubber, I criticize. She enjoys your dork, but not my dick. And the world spins on in perfect balance.


Uhh she laughed at the chicks posterior chain, which doesnt exist past the perfect ass. Sic's posterior chain is better. Thats a fact even Stevie Wonder could see that.

Sic doesnt need defending and I wasnt defending her just stating fact. You were a dickhead. Its as simple as that.

Do you even have a clue what a posterior chain is, homie?


You're right, I really didn't. I'm sorry for lying to you... size really does matter to me.


Thanx for the idea!

Nice work Sic! Very impressive.


And I'm sorry I couldn't pop an enthusiastic insta-bone like that dork, but you know, real men require more than just any old twat they see flopping itself around on the Internet.



Ah, no need to be jealous :wink:.


I know the truth hurts, but that doesn't mean you have to hurt back.