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Powerful Image: 6/16/06


Can someone tell me who this is?

I'm speachless...


I can't tell you who it is, but she is officially my favorite Powerful Image ever.... good heavens


T-Nation have given me another reason to look forward to fridays. They pull through everytime.


Imagine that thing walking down the beach toward you. Good freaking God.




I'm going to try hard to dream about her tonight.


Hope she is wearing proper eye protection wouldn't want her losing an eye.




GREAT side boob.


Her scapula is winging.


Jeebus... you would never drown with such perfect personal flotation devices wrapped around you :stuck_out_tongue:


There's a slide in the middle of the page with a lot more of her pics:



and some...


There's way too much junk all over her face in those pictures. She looks WAY better in the Powerful Image. More fresh and natural. I hate make-up.


I couldn't agree more.


I thought it was a beach ball.


I agree with you. I also can't stand pictures that are airbrushed. I love pictures of women that are real.

I was just trying to help out a bit the people who wanted to see more.


A wise man once said:
"Giggity, giggity, giggity; oh yeah!"

I think that says it all.


Its almost as if every Friday I find myself saying "shes my new favorite. I don't think I'll find another picture of a hot girl that I am as dumbfounded as I am now." But sure enough, every Friday I find another one, and today is no exception.

So at least until next week, this is my new favorite Powerful Image.

Whoever picks the PI's deserves a raise, a promotion or at least a free lap dance at Rick's Tally Ho.


Oh and on that website, theres an option to "Hire This Model". When I'm rich and can wipe my ass with Benjamins, I'm gonna hire her to just come to my house and stand there and look beautiful.