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Powerful Image 5/11/05


WOW, Tank you, oh, exalted one. A powerful image indeed!


yes indeed, she looks very hot and you have good taste Elkhntr1. i like her chest, and legs wut about you?



I second and third these motions.

Holy crap, she is awesome.

That comment JackedJack..hehe...made about the bodily fluids and the drinking and large amounts regarding Moorea Wolfe?

Yes, applies here too.


Yes, fellers, she is the perfect blend of muscle and feminine grace. I really have a thing for women with the exotic look to them and she has it in spades. I really like the flowing hair and tan skin! TC nailed the Power in this Powerful image.


PLEASE tell us who that is!!!


i love her with all of my peni...i mean heart.


all i have to say is that i changed my computer background once again. some women make muscles look so good on them. they have the right size and body type. damn she is proportional. imagine her in a short skirt and nice top. WoW!!!!!! give us name. laters pk


Yes boys her body is very impressive. You can tell she knows how to train and diet properly.

I also have to add that I think the black stiletto boots really accent the outfit!


And to top it all off, if I'm ever in danger of drowning, I want her around for sure.


Maybe we can get TC to start posting the name and a link to their website beneath the pic?


Really. I was thinking just the opposite. I like the spikey heels, but not the half-boot tops.

Who the hell am I kidding? I didn't even know she had shoes on until you said something.



My new wallpaper indeed!!



The lovely Davana Medina...




Latin girls dominate (except for Hilary Duff of course). Did you know the vivacious Alexis Bledel is Mexican and Argentinian? That's hotness.


(Drooling on keyboard)

Yep! Gorgeous...............

You certainly seem to be an knowledgeable fellow, Mufasa. Thanks for the link, I owe you one


mufasa to the rescue. regardless of how you got the answer, good for all of us. laters pk