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Powerful Image 3/31


Is it just me, or is the 3/31 image way better than the 3/29 one?

Nice upgrade...


Uh yeah, I think this is one of the best yet. Much better than muscle butt crack and jacked girl from earlier in the week.


agreed this one is MUCH BETTER! She's smokin' hot



Hot damn. Best one of the new year.


She's allright. :wink:


Not just alright, freakin' smoking...

Anyone knows her name?


The future Mrs. ...


Today's imaginary conversation between TC and me.

Gee, TC, today's Powerful Image made me feel all squishy inside, kinda like when I ride the rollercoaster.

Good Call, Bigmike8832.

Party on, TC.

Party on, Bigmike8832.

What a nice image to take me into spring break!


Whats that weird mark she has in the middle of her chest?

And why does the Powerful Image images section call her Lordosis girl?

Do I even need to say I'd hit it?


Dunno, but apparently she's Lord Osis' girl.


Best shot in a while (though the Britt Miller pics recently are up there). Just the cleansing we needed.


Are those supposed to be breasts?


I think that is where I broke my nose!


Silicon seepage...




Ah, yes, I've always wanted a woman I could drive my pickup through the gap between her breasts.
Yes, she's hot. But would it be that hard to find a plastic surgeon that does a better job than those bolt-ons?


It's a semen collection cup. (Sorry, I had to)

Lordosis is a term that refers to the curvature in her lower back. Typically this is a medical condition, but for this girl I think it's more just the fact she has her ass pressed up against the window.


Alot of gals walk around with giant lordotic curves from prolonged effort at displaying their rump and mammaries. Can't say I blame 'em, but it makes for bad posture.


I think the gap in her boobs might be from the suit top. If you look at it closely (like you haven't been already...) you'll notice that the string connecting the two cups is quite long.

This combined with the fact that the bottom of the cup is attached to that string, means that in order for the top to be tight, it has to be cinched from the back only. this could be causing her boobs to get pulled apart.

I bet in a normal bra (or hell, nothing at all!!) her boobs are damn near perfect.


Not a fan of fake boobs, but I'd definitely still hit it. HOT!