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Powerful Image: 15-Jul-2005


Hey, is it just me, or does it look like she has a heavy load in her panties? I mean, come on, look at that crease going off to the left...

Ouch! Pop quiz, is it bigger than yours?


Deffinitely not bigger than mine.

I think you're jealous of her.


Vroom, to be honest, I couldn't stop staring at her uhm... lungs every time I gazed in the direction of that photo. But, now that you brought that to my attention, I see what you mean.... thanks for ruining it!


they are all bigger than mine

looks like a really bad picture of a pretty hot girl



Elk, I hear you, I only looked down because I drooled on my keyboard and glanced that way...

That's quite the set of pacifiers she has!


You're delusional! Maybe you want to see a package on her. Maybe you like hermophrodites! Chicks with dicks turns you on, doesn't it? You and your fetishes....


I agree with Nate 100%



All I see is good lower ab developement. I bet she could put a ping pong ball through a cinder block wall. I wouldn't mind being the ping pong ball either.
(if she is realy a man, I am going to curl up in a ball and die.)


Ahahaha... you guys are mean!


Hey, I bet Canadians will snuggle up to anything if it gets cold enough.


That's a man baby! {LOL) That is definitely a woman. I believe she is a Dr. I saw her in a Planet Muscle before.


I clicked on the link at the bottom shemuscle.com and boobies everywhere. Damn it, I'm at work and had to close it.


Sometimes I wish I was a gun.. So I could shoot every time she bangs my trigger.

I must admit, however, it is quite suspicious :s


vroom, I love that....chick.

I just got back yesterday from a biz trip to the Toronto/Mississauga area. Stayed right next to this HUGE fitness center off of Hurontario and World Dr. Saw more than a few share of hotties coming in and out of there.


How come all these pics of hot chicks wearing little to none always seem to be in a hotel room? What hotel is this anyway? I'd like to stand in the lobby!

As for the comments about her having a package! No way!



I think what you guys are seeing is just a bit of what I call 'broccoli' showing through. You know, short and curlies pressing against sheer panties. It's off to one side because of how she's standing. I dig this chick, although if I had to pick on something, her arms a little veiny, but not nearly enough that i couldn't be distracted.lol



I'm not even thinking it's "broccoli".... It's stupid granny panties! How are you supposed to stand any way but perfectly straight and rigid (I said rigid) with all that dumb fabric in the way and not have some of it crease?

But that mouf.... That mouf with the DSLs has uses no one has even touched on.


OMFG! DSLs! I luv you!



DB - diggin the new av!


Yeah, but does she have a HDB? And I can't tell if she's wearing FMB's!