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Powerful Image 12/9/05


Now THAT is a nice booty.


What about how hard she worked to GET that ass?

J/K by the way........... :wink:

\|/ 3Toes


She obvioulsy has to do something that take effort to KEEP it looking like that. BUT thats understood!


I was just waiting....



how long it would take to start spiralling


The last Powerful Image was way sexier!


Now it's just gonna get downright nasty!

I strongly disagree by the way

This one, I'd actually HIT.

In fact, we sort of did about an hour ago.......


What about how hard I'D work to get a hold of that ass?


I'd hit it.

Oh, wait, I mean she's not really filling out that thong very well.

Oh, shit, nevermind...


I am truly laughing my fucken ass off!

\|/ 3Toes


Oh man... I laughed out loud. Thanks for that one JB!!!


hahahaha ... NIIICE! JB for president!





Just to preempt the eventual "who's that" question.

Her name is 'Reneta Ramos' you can find more pictures on http://www.belladasemana.com.br [my girlfriend pointed out that there is actually a link in that picture - I for one couldn't stop looking at that ass].

For the record, yes, we would both hit it. For there my friends is prove that gods a guy, and further, is an assman. Cute smile to.

Just an idea, perhaps start posting Powerful Images with a little nametag underneath them. eg: "Reneta Ramos - Professional Hottie" - It'd save a shitload of time asking who the current PI is.


I think if more women would think like Jillybop - we could have lasting world peace.


Yeah, but I meant with my hockey stick...




If you do... video it! then we can post that one too. :wink:



thinking of the ways that Jilly is using that hockey stick..


So I'm not the only sicko who thought of that immediately.


"I'd slapshot it!"


The more interesting thought is JB in the penalty box after using her stick...

mmmmm, box.....