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Powerful Image 12/28/05


That backside is just about as good as it gets. The hamstrings are perfect! The calves are impressive. The ass is a '10'.

So here's the ritualistic question. Who is she? Where is she from?


I LOVE this game!

TC has got me on a few; but I guess more right than I miss!

The lovely Amy Peters!

(I think! LOL!)




Another wonderfully built woman. What an amazing set of legs. Again, how can some men not like that? Does not compute.


Her backside is perfect, and if it really is Amy Peters, then her front is pretty close to perfect as well.

Overall, I'd give her back side a 10 and front a 9 (only because I've seen better faces and I'm partial to brunettes).


Well, let's run with the idea that it is Amy. Here she is.


Here she is again.


That truly impressive backside again.

I'm serious. You can't possibly find a better lookin' female posterior chain on the face of this earth.


Front side looks purty gooooooood too.


I dunno. Her face is mighty cute in this pic.


Man, it's all good.


That's why I gave it a 9. I don't give those out easily.

Although if I were to get picky, I'd say her jaw is a little too broad for my tastes, but again, that would be getting very picky and I still think she's stunningly beautiful.


If you guys haven't guessed already, the first two pics are much earlier in Amy's carreer. (She's obviously put on much more muscle since then).



She is hot but...ladies, why oh why do you insist on those cheesy tribal tattoos on your backs? Her jaw and lack of eyebrows are one thing, but stupid tattoos just scream turn-off.


Props to her for having a great physique but why did you guys post the face shots. I was almost going for a happy ending!


I think she looks fantastic. I find it interesting when a woman's thighs are bigger than her butt - it just makes me pause and go "hmmmm"...


I couldn't agree more.


I'm now beginning to believe in Intelligient Design! :slight_smile:


I'll be the first to do it.....

I wouldn't kick her out of bed,
Unless she wants to do it on the floor.

She's hot, her legs and backside are phenominal.



Ha-ha :slight_smile: Welcome to the light.


It makes me pause and go yummmmmmmmmmmmm, and dab the bead of sweat from my forehead.