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Powerful Image 12.21.05


Who is she? THAT is the exact 'posterior chain' I want!! She looks amazing.


Funny, Thats the exact posterior chain I want also, Though i'm sure we want it for different reasons. :wink:



Her arm is better defined than most guys' I know.


Right, her arms. I noticed that too (NOT).



She is supposed to be Pauline Nordin (right click and save). Doesn't look like Pauline, though.


That is definetly Pauline Nordin. Not quite sure what all these comments about her arms are all about though, I stare at the picture and I still cant see them.


Yes, it is Pauline...that exact picture is on her website.



I apologize for not posting the models' names, but I kinda' like it when you guys have to hunt around for her identity.

Sort of like a snipe hunt.


?..... OHHHH! I see, right right, teach a man to fish!



To be honest, with an ass like that, who can even see the name beneath it? I didn't find out who she was till i saved the pic and found it labelled pauline nordin. Not often you see such a tremendous body coupled with such a beautiful face. Kudos on another excellent choice.


Pauline is not only drop-dead gorgeous...but a fighter and a winner.

She overcame anorexia to become a Swedish bodybuilding Champion, but knew that the States was where she wanted (and needed) to be to furthur her career.

(By the way; she is the female trainer in the Swedish version of "The Biggest Loser")

She came over here with little, and at still a VERY young age (I think Pauline is less than 25), she is carving out a nice niche for herself.

Great story!

(Okay, okay...and she also has one hella' of a cute ass!!! :)----!!!



This is her "IronMan" cover.

People can go through an entire career and never land the cover of one of the major mags.



Snipe hunt. That's what you call it? <:slight_smile:

\|/ 3Toes


It's hard for me to look at her site and still think clearly. She f's my head up.


That's almost enough to tempt me to go on the "cupcakes and pizza diet", gain a few hundred pounds and head to sweeden.