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Powerful Image 12/16/2005


too skinny, too tan, probably skin cancer waiting to happen, fake boobs, tacky outfit, not even a real blonde...

yea, right. :slight_smile:


I find her quite comely.


I wouldn't bang her w/ your dick.


Of course you wouldn't... she's so hot, you would use your own.


yous guys have got to be kidding. i know shes pretty "fake" but shes hot. I'd fuck.


I think we should have Southerngirl up there.. kinda like what Caveman did.


blushes :wink:


I second that. Southerngirl's body is way better.


I'm too late to second, so I'll third that.

Don't get me wrong, that Powerful Image girl is hot and all, but it was difficult to close Southerngirl's thread.

Same with americangirl's ABBH thread. Now there's an example of 2 different body types, that are both very beautiful. AND, neither of them have the scrawny anorexic model look.


Personally, I want to see Jilly's thread.

I just happen to be a photographer if you need help. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah!

SG and AG are way better.


What the hell is the world coming to?

The girl in the pic is Joana Krupa, the world's highest paid and most sought after swimsuit model.

I must be living in a different universe.


Don't worry. I'd drink her bathwater.


Definentely take her over SG


Anyone know this chick's name ?
She's definitely worth Googling...


2nd that.

She is way above SG. SG has made great progress but, lets not be stupid here.

Even Chris Reeves would get wood from this chick.


Haha that's ice cold man...considering he's dead.


Too soon?

BTW: Joana Krupa


Test wants it...as a a snack for his girlfriend


Thanks Tri, I'll let the Chris Reeve comment slide...haha
I'm sure you've heard this before but who's the opposite of Christopher Reeve?

Christopher Walken...