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Powerful Image 12/14/2005



My name is Tracy, and my pecs are bigger than yours.


Do you work out?


A little too vascular for my tastes, but she's got a beautiful face.
and for the record ... I'd hit it.




Depending on the size of her "little guy in the boat", I'd hit it.


Holy veins batman!



you had me choking on my water with this one


For the record, she needs to lose those shorts.


As with all these kinds of pics, you have to remember that they were probably taken a day or two before a contest, and she'd never be that dehydrated and vascular for longer than a week or so. She probably pumped up before too to get the veins really going, just liek they do before getting on the BB stage.

We'd all hit it if we saw her in a 'normal' non-contest condition.


Her body still resembles a woman's, pecs/breats notwithstanding, even in contest condition. Unlike that one that caused so much controversy. I look at her and can appreciate the hard work first and foremost and also not be repulsed. Even find her somewhat attractive.


Her build - the aas. I'd beat that back out.


No negative comments here. I like it.


I was just wondering about the pecs, guys. Honestly, she's got more chest development than I do. And they go all the way up!

Hey Tracy, what's ya pec routine?


Funny thing...

She looks like a Powerlifter I knew in College.

She was one of the warmest, sweetest, most feminine women I knew.

Okay...the weekly question:

Who is she?



She has good shoulder and chest development. A nicely proportioned physique with good vascularity.

With that out of the way - I'd hit it!


Canadian bber Tracy Beckham


Perfectly put, and without a doubt.


Oh my GOD, I'm still laughing at this one. That's good stuff.


I think that she is attractive in anybodys book.



On one hand, I'm jealous of her shoulders [my insertion points make mine tiny, but strong], and yet on the other, I think she's quite pretty - especially in non-comp state. My girlfriend agree's -> Chicks like this, AmericanGirl, and SouthernGirl might finally convince that you can lift and still remain feminine. Then we can share all of our lives passions, not just 9/10ths.

Btw - She gets another 2 "I'd hit it"'s from this side of the camp.