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Powerful Image 12/12/05


Well Jilly.............

Would you hit it?

\|/ 3Toes


I'd let it hit me...

And that's all I'm going to say.


Who is this guy? He looks like he could go pro, although he has a really small waist, like really small. He must take steroids, and yet I don't understand why he doesn't have a big belly like all the big pros do...

Can anyone clue me in? Anyone think he could make it as a pro?


no tits.

haha...sorry. I really didnt..umm..mean to....



He'd probably make a better govenor.


He definitely has gyno.


I think he'd make a good action movie star. Something along the lines of a killer robot might be cool.


Or a cop that teaches Kindergarden!


The man, the myth, the govenator


Oh come on. Yea, he's built, but there's no way he could go pro (unless he actually started to train hard and took steroids).

I see guys like him all the time in my gym. He only looks kinda big because he has a low body fat percentage, the lighting is right, and the picture is in black and white.

Pretty much anyone who eats right and lifts weights can look like that in a couple of months.

Plus you can tell by looking at him that he has poor genetics for bodybuilding.


No way man. If he doesn't look like a pro he isn't a pro. Without a humongus and powerfull midsection he doesn't stand a chance against the guys that have one.

He should probably do squats. I heard that they will thicken up the middle a bit.


He seriously needs calf implants.


Arnold looks about 8 feet tall compared to that guy standing to the left of him.


What's wrong with his face in that photo??? Am I the only one who thinks he looks like he's trying to push out a turd?

Seriously, it's photos like this one that make me think he was the best bodybuilder of all time.



He might have a shot at Ronnie after all...


i thought he was trying to make a funkified conan face


He has pecs but i don't see the gyno. Then again i really don't know what to look for.


how do you not see he gyno? it's everywhere.


There is a huge gyno deposit in his calf...


I heard he developed gyno on his uvula and thats why he talks funny.
gha-gha- Goovanator!