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Powerful Image 12/07/05


No tits.

\|/ 3Toes


What the fuck do you expect with bf that low? At least she didn't get fake ones.


Your powers of perception are awe-inspiring.


I'm still in awe that so many men are fixated on breasts. They cringe at the thought of an obese woman but yet they are obsessed with two wads of fat that are hanging from a womans chest. Not that the right breasts on the right woman can't and are pretty.

Breast Obsession non sensical and juvenile.


I'll ask it.

Who is she and where are the offseason pics?

Abs and legs look great. I'm just not a huge fan of the fake tan, shredded look on women.


Little too muscular for me.

But yeah, I'd hit it.


The face looks photoshopped.


No Photoshopping in the face most FBBs do not Dyo-Derm the face as it can turn out blotchcy also a blank canvas is easier to apply makeup on, Her face is still tan but without the Fast -Tan the stage lights wash it out.


Keep in mind this is a contest pic, off season at her build with a higher BF% she would not look as muscular and just might fit your bill.


I think she looks amazing!

That's a lot of work in that body, I'd hit it for sure! I bet she looks even better in the off-season.

However, she would look better with fake c's.



Gayest response? If not, it's close.

Your attempted correlation between obesity and fatty tissue known to the world as breasts is both non-sensical and juvenile.


The point I was making which during your breast obsession you failed to grasp is that obsessing over a womans breasst is like a woman obsessing over a mans mustache it is in essence just hair just like the reality of the situation is breasts are fatty tissue with some milk ducts thrown in for good measure.

Nothing you say can change that fact anymore than anything anyone says can change the fact a mustache is just hair.

I also stated clearly breasts can be pretty sure enough I just happen to be a person who finds more to a woman than just her breasts.

Attacking someones analogies or opinions now that Non sensical and juvenile.


As for the Gayest response how about a guy that is so insecure that he attacks somesones post because it more than likely highlighted his own obsession most so called men i run into that objectify women by there breasts and pick fights with people they don't know or critisize things have major masculinity issues.


Maybe, but I sure don't let that stop me.

BTW, I think the woman in the pick looks great! Awesome conditioning!


Most men like boobs, I think.

\|/ 3Toes


I think that she looks great also.

Anyone know who she is?



Listen everyone again breasts are fine while I do believe to much is made over breasts I was being slightly tongue in cheek the young lady in the pick looks great, so do alot of other women who have larger breasts.

If you are a breast man more power to you all.


Sure a woman is more than tits but you dont look at a woman from across the room and say "Hmmm look at her she's got a great personality." You look at her goods first whether it be her face, ass, tits or whatever NOT her personality!


Listen we are gonna beat this to death, If you like breasts go for it. Of course intial attraction is based off of looks, but if you look at a picture of this woman and the first thing that is said is she has no tits c'mon where is the mind set.

Can we give this a rest now? She looks good she is ripped she is well developed she has little breast tissue at the moment because she is in competition mode, she probably has more albeit small breast when in off season mode you are a breast man. Great it's all been established.


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okay, let me break it down...

there is a reason that men like breasts. it has to do with Evolution. you know, the thing that determines most of who you are and what you're capable of.

anyways, babies are what makes the world go round. babies need food. boobs feed babies. women have boobs. women have babies. women need sperm in order to have babies. men have sperm. men need to give sperm to women. men need to care enough about giving sperm to women. yadda yadda yadda.

the humans that survived are the ones that had ancestors of men who were attracted enough to things with boobs (women, boobs are essential for reproduction) that they gave them their sperm.

of course that's only a teeny teeny part of the story, but it is a substantial reasons why men like boobs and we can never explain why.

what you originally said is like saying "why do men like butts? they're just flesh. so is steak. hell, why do men even like women in the first place?"

the attraction that men and women have for each other can be explained rather easily wrt Evolution. that's not the only reason, though, but easily the biggest.