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Powerful Image 12/02/05


Ok, I'll start this one: Who is this? I find her very...powerful,ahem.


I don't know... but I near 'bout shit-ma-pants when I scrolled down.


I didn't shit my pants, but they did get a little tight.


LOL, I was just about to start my own thread asking the same thing!



Fernanda Goeth


She has nice toes...
and pretty feet...
and sexy calves...
and... It just gets better as you go up.


OMG...Thank you! Googled her name in Images, whoa!! She has an ass that just won't quit.

Thanks again!



Guess I'll start making plans to move to Brazil permanently. If there's even a few other women that look remotely like this, forget about it!!


Ok, thanks. Oh, yes, I'd hit it!!!!!




Right click and save. More often than not, you can find out the name that way.

By the way, isn't this the infamous gluteal fold TC was talking about in his sprint article that appeared (and subsequently disappeared) today?


I was thinking the same thing; although it does seem to flow nicely in the picture that PGA200X posted of her.

Damn she is sexy!


Duh, why didn't I remeber that. Yes that is the gluteal fold. Why is that a bad thing?


The gluteal fold indicates poor glute and hamstring development. In this case, though, I guess poor doesn't seem to be the right word...


Uh, no. I think this bump is anything but poor.


I just had to comment on this one.

  1. Yes she is Beautiful.

  2. Yes she has pretty feet.

  3. As a Honorary PHD in Bootyology I always find it amazing how people do not appreciate a good ass when they see one. And this is a good ass there is a differance in a big fat ass and a ass with class. A ass should have some thickness and heft to it as well as shape and a certain amount of tone and fullness.

The typical average cookie cutter, Blonde haired blue eyed bikini babes usualy do not have this instead they usually have no ass at all and spend more time arching their back to emphasize what little or non existant ass they have yet countless guys will stand around with drool running down there chin saying "Would ya get a look at the ass on her" While true coniseurs will look in amazement and say what ass exactly are you looking at! This becomes more than apparent when they slip jeans on a flat ass without fat or muscles on it looks like well a flat ass no matter how tight the jeans, no matter how much you arch the back, no matter how fake the boobs or how Barbie doll the hair and eyes.

In conclusion I reinterate she has a good ass!


This ass is hands down top 1% in the world. Its that damn perfect. I dont think I have seen a better one. Not even Kiera's (sp?)


I really dig the hint of tan lines.


Do you mean right click and properties? Save came up untitled, but properties listed her name. Sweet tip either way, now back to figuring out a way to get a job in Brazil.


See, thats why I love T-Nation. Any subject, we have experts to give you what you need to know.

And I concur sir, first class ass.