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Powerful Image 11/30/05


Ok, just admit it, you can't even see her, but you'd hit it.

Monica Brant


Duh, It's Monica Brant. Of course I'd hit it.


She looks kind of like Gollum, only hot and blonde.




It's sometimes hard to find good pics on the Net, but this was always a favorite pic of mine of Monica.

Monica said on a site once that the pic was an "accident"...she was out for a photoshoot and a guy just walked by with this dog. The photographer thought that it would make a cool pic, and asked the owner if it was okay!



Yeah, she's beautiful. It's just that pose she's in or something...


I'd hit her shadow.


That dog should be facing the other way.

\|/ 3Toes


After seeing her face in that picture, I'd rather hit her without having seen her face.


what's the website that halfway listed on the picture?


I think she has a nice face, but that expression is creepy.


I don't guess you've seen other pics of her? There isn't anything creepy about her, really.


You're right. I havent... feel free to post more pictures of her.


oh what marvelous spine curvature.


She is hot as hell. Probably my favorite fitness model of all time. I have seen tons of pictures of her. She just has a weird expression on her face in the top pic though.


Ok, cool. Yes she is one of my favs too. Has been for a long time. And that expression she has...that's her evil face she gives me before wearing me out.


I've never been a big Brant fan. It's the face, just doesn't do it for me, but her body is definitely one of a kind. She can pack on the muscles, too. ESPN televised the Fitness Olympia several years ago and when they showed her walking at a French pier in a pink bikini, she looked like she could've given Cory Everson a run for her money if she wanted to.


she's beautiful in person too. I met her at a show a few weeks ago. she was cool, very, very personable.


I think I see satan.


Amen to that, it's a no brainer. She's very hot!