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Powerful Image 11/2/05




Normally that would be a tad bit too ripped for my taste, but that lady manages to still look quite sexy.


Denise Rutkowski.

I've seen her naked.


I can't tell if the feeling I have is anger or happiness, lets just leave it at nice you lucky bastard!

And by naked do you mean, you walked in on her while she was naked and turned and walked out type naked? OR... you were both naked and you gave her a spin cycle?



And this is why we envy and loathe you TC.


Me too!

(okay, I just google image searched her, but still...)


I wish I could say it was the latter, but the truth is she used to be a stripper.

I went to see her dance.

She knew me so we chatted a bit. I felt bad because I didn't have any money to tip her, so I slid my Amex between her butt cheeks and it ran up a charge of $76.32.


I don't like it. Maybe it's a bad angle...

I may be setting myself up for something here...


You must be a lucky guy......


Are you kidding me? This woman is way too tanned, and she looks dead in the face.

Not gonna comment on the muscle.


I just assumed that you had seen all the females in the Powerful Images naked.


Her arms are better then mine. But I'm pretty sure I could still take her. However if she pulled the clinche while I was up in that ass I'm afraid my dick would look like it was run over by a steamroller...still it might feel good. I'd hit it.


This post is especially for 2 posters on this thread who shall remain anonymous...

Orginally posted on the TC article "Lust out of control"

It's peculiar, but there are quite a few Estrogen-filled Pansy Boys (EPB's) on these forums, Testosterone forums no less, that do the exact opposite of the phenomenon you describe above.

It could be the hottest chick on a PI that will never give them the time or day in real life. Yet, they will start to pick out her imagined flaws and state how she has a butter face, or she's too muscular, or she has a mole (gasp!). They will then indignantly state how they would never sleep with aforementioned hottie because "she's just not my type".

These eunuch-like individuals flock to these threads in bunches as they spout off their hormone-less standards to the rest of us men. I've studied this phenomenon for months now on this site but I'm afraid I don't have a diagnosis for this issue as of yet. If someone has an explanation for this bizarre behavior, please enlighten me...


Sure. I understand that the point of the powerful image section is to showcase hard work, determination, and to provide inspiration and of course, discussion for those who frequent the site. I can draw inspiration from anyone who trains hard.
Maybe my comments can be compared to focusing on the background of a photo and not the centerpiece? Beyond that I think the issue here is simply a matter of opinion. My idea of beauty (some muscle as long as it retains and enhances a womanly shape without striation) is going to be different than yours and others. A woman that tanned doesn't do it for me, and her hair seemed damaged or unnatural in some way. The comment about muscle was actually not meant to be negative. Although the statement was too vague to come to any kind of conclusion, I could see where it could be assumed by the above sentence to be that way.

Maybe you could explain to me how not being attracted to women who have prominent muscular features automatically regulates me to having a high estrogen level, or somehow means that I spend my time on forums pointing out flaws on 'hot chicks?'

Anybody want to back me up on this?



I'll back you up. We all have our own tastes and I would not be offended by the quote of TC, he is paid per hyperbole afterall. There are some of us though who feel like Randman and really resent those who demean the images of the women posted here. I think you just stepped into something unaware. On a lighter note:

What a sweet backside she has!




I really have to take exception with the terms "EPB" and "Estrogen-filled Pansy Boys."

The pansy (related to the violet), can thrive in alpine conditions and other inhospitable environments. That little flower can force its way into any crack (ahem), and survives where a lot of less hardy flowers fear to root. Clearly, this is very different from the boys you are describing.

Please just call them "Estrogen-filled Boys" or even "Estro-Boys." I think "EB" will make a decent shorthand for this condition.

Tim "It's all about precision of speech" Shaw


i'm also with you TH_underdog

In my book "a man should be masculine and a woman feminine". I girl can be muscular without losing her feminity.
Think Christiane.If a woman is not feminine anymore what is she?


Did you at least get a receipt?

I did something like that one time. She overcharged me, though, and just gave me a store credit to make up the difference.



I did that once and lost the damn card.


Estro-Boy...I like it. In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy's redneck jokes. I will now help you determine if you are, indeed, an Estro-Boy.

If you comment on the 11/02/05 PI and say you wouldn't hit it...you may be an Estro-Boy...

If you say that this PI is too muscular, too tanned, too ripped, and you completely overlook her beautiful god-given ass that I would suck, lick and fuck...you may be an Estro-Boy...

If your taste in women is so narrow that the 5'8", brunette, with a dimple on the left cheek, and the ghost-like pale skin, that curiously resembles your mom, is the only type of women who gets a penis flinch out of you...you may be an Estro-Boy...

If you have posted more than three times on T-Nation complaining about the "looks" or "atractiveness" of more than one PI or other female picture when the majority of healthy testerone-filled manly men would have eat the aforementioned girls poo-nanny for lunch...you may be an Estro-Boy...

If your taste in women represent 0.0001% of the female population...you may be an Estro-Boy...

If you have ANY problem whatsoever with a female that has large breasts and you actually admit this fact...you may be an Estro-Boy...

If you give advice to a woman who wants to get a boob job and you tell her to get anything less than a "D" cup...you may be an Estro-Boy...

If the chick doesn't have large breasts yet she's still hot by majority standards but you still don't think so...you may be an Estro-Boy...

If you focus on the one or two flaws of any women's pic and you miss the one unbelievable body part of aforementioned pic...you may be an Estro-Boy...

If this post pisses you off in the least bit...you ARE an Estro-Boy...