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Powerful Image: 11/18/2005


I'm really going to need a name guys...


I believe that is Miss Raquel Darian who is worthy of a thread all her own.


Oops! Having a nostalgic moment. Make that Raquel Gibson.


Check her out here:




and here...




Very Jessica Alba-esque (At least in this particular picture, "Very Beautiful"


yup - thats exactly what I thought too in a few of those pics which seem to have eaten up the better part of my hour.



Boy, did you bring back some great memories on that reference. If you start talking about Tori Welles and Jeanna Fine, I might get misty. sniff


Amazing Sabrina.

Regarding this image: gravity, gravity, gravity, please more gravity!


Is Raquel and CJ Gibson sisters?

There is a pic of em together and they look very similar, same surname too :slight_smile:

love Eurasian chicks :wink: