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Powerful Image 11/11/05


Ok since nobody else is biting, for one this is bastards new avatar chick, for two I would destroy a small village in portugul to have a stab at that ass.



Agreed... this girl could make Bobby divorce Whitney....


The question is to who may she be?


Exceptional physique and my God is she beautiful. Her torso looks developed but little arm developement. How did she do one and not the other or is this just genetics? Exceptional genetics.



Haha yes, I would also like to go "in through the out door."


Hmm..maybe not Portugal, but would definitely help burn down the rest of France.


Who is she?

Very beautiful


marzia prince


I would whipe out half this planet for her.


yeah ... i think she's kinda cute ... check out johnnycrosslin.com for more pics ... i don't know where TC got this one?



Yes, but would you:

Y'know, I have never realized how much I really do like chicken...



I think Biotest should start including powerful image posters with every order over $100.
And how many of the past powerful images have been of this chick... My god. We need a Marzia Prince worship thread.


You have to dig a little, but there are quite a few pictures on that site with no thumbnails. Some of the models even have some hidden nude shots. Marzia doesn't, alas.


Can we go as far as nominating her as the hottest PI chick ever? (to date)

All in favor - Aye, all opposed - Nae.

Aye matey! - HAARRRRRR!



[nitpicker mode on]

Damn...is she airbrushed.

[nitpicker mode off]


i'm with you. i recall whining about her face the first time she was PIed. then i saw some more pics. her body is undoubtedly heavenly. but i do believe that not only is she airbrushed but also sandblasted prior.

yet she still wants me ... tell that raggedy @ssed beotch to quit calling!



Here's a few non-Johnny Crosslin for you viewing pleasure.

You know, her face kind of reminds me of Lucy Pinder...