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Powerful Image 10/5/05


This chick, Lorena Funk, is super hot. I trained with her a couple years ago in Edmonton at the Hard Core Gym for a few months (meaning I oogled her when she did dumbbell rows). For some reason that I couldn't place at the time - i think those days at the Hard Core Gym were some of my most productive in terms of muscle building. Three words - Seriously Jacked T !



she works out?? Looks like a 2.5 lb weight would break her arms.



She looks anorexic.

She is an attractive girl but she looks sickly too.

The dude that started this thread said he saw her in his gym. Does she look like a walking skeleton or is this a bad picture?


she does not look anorexic. look at her arms. damnit we guys on this site are impossible. girl a is too muscular. girl b is too ugly. and the rest of them are too skinny. unfortunately, we can't ALL f*ck monica brant. (can we?) i have to agree with Nate Dogg here - the girl is hot.

that being said, how many of you guys have girlfriends that look even that good? i see about one in 10,000 girls that looks that tasty.



The tiny bit of definition on her arms is not very impressive. You can see her ribs. She looks like she walked out of a concentration camp.

While a lot of guys enjoy finding flaws with the Powerful Image chicks, I think most of them are hot.

This chick looks sickly.


She's just in contest shape and probably a little dehydrated. Most complainers would give a right nut if their girlfriend or wife looked this good.


I just googled her and found this:

Lorena Funk is a 5'3", 106 lb (120 lbs offseason) figure competitor from Edmonton, ...

I think she is probably far more attractive at 120#'s than she is in this pic.

I went to her website. She has no appreciable muscle mass. No muscle, no fat looks anorexic to me.

I would still hit it.


This is the quirk about being a man...complain about a chick, yet would still tap that ass on command. Funny, funny.


I think anorexic chicks are very unattractive.

This chick is gorgeous!

She just has a small frame, and would look better with some more weight on her, but I wouldn't say anorexic.

Like Dave2 said, she's probably in contest shape (something most bodybuilders should understand).

She doesn't have a ton of muscle, but she has some. At least enought to be a fitness model (not a female bodybuilder).


I would hit a watermelon that has been warming in the sun for a few hours. Doesn't mean much.


No puns yet?


She's only 5'3", Keep that in mind. My wife is 5'3"-5'4" and she weighed about 95-100 pounds when she was riding (horses, ya perves). She was seriously jacked when she was compeeting.



Yup it seems that no girl is good enough for the guys on here...

Kinda funny actually because in real life it would probably be the other way around much of the time...

For those of you that put her down in any way.... lets see the pics of your much hotter gf's or wives! And why aren't they fitness models then?


Just think how much bigger Mr. Frankenhalfooter looks in her tiny hands; that alone is reason to hit it. lmfao.



Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would hit it. I would hit it multiple times each day, every day all week and then some.

I never said the girl wasn't good enough, but I do agree with Bastard that every image on here someone does say A) she's too skinny and doesn't look like she lifts, B) She's too big for me or C) She's ugly. In reality, you would hit any and every one of them.

I have dated some hot girls. I like them. I have dated some girls with pretty faces but not the best bodies. I like them too.

However, I prefer small girls (like this one) that are lean and mean or just "average" (not fat, not skinny, not overly muscular). I'm sure this girl in non-contest shape is blazing hot, and I'd eat her like a peach.

Nate "I like hot, petite girls" Dogg


Here's my ex for you. :slight_smile:


Wow - tough crowd - she does look skinnier in the pic than I remember. A very dedicated girl - always there hitting the weights right alongside the guys day in/day out. All I can say is when she smiles at you - you feel as though your day is complete !



atroopan - where in ON are you?

I was going to post my competition pics afterwards but some of your responses make me think that I'll just get ripped apart!!!


Hey, BGB! I didn't log on here for a dose of Reality. But thanks for adding the pic showing off her cute caboose!

BTW, if that's you in your avatar might I just say... WOWzers!

If you could just arrange a pic with the two of you..
In a bathtub..
Not too many bubbles...

Oh Yeah, Reality rears it's ugly head again. Sigh.