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Powerful Image 10.07.05


OK mo effers,

Holy schnikies!

What about this one? Please find a flaw, post it on this thread along with your address, and I'll be there ASAP to kick you in the nuts.

That girl is perfect,

(thanks again)


Say hello to Lucy Pinder. And she is one fine piece of female.


Wow. She is incredible.

Looks like TC is back on track.


The only problem is her chin.

My nuts aren't resting there.


Flaw is that is not my bathroom she is in.


Sorry, but was he ever really "off?"


I just looked up Lucy Pinder. She does NOT look half as good as the girl in this pic.


Being the picky sum'bitch I am, I am not a big fan of tans. I prefer girls that are afraid of the sun. Now, if this baked-potato showed up on my door step and asked to borrow a cup of sugar, I would gladly do everything I could think of to hit that like a caveman.


affirmative ... WTF TC? who is this?



She doesn't seem to wash her laundry very often. Besides, I liked the last one better anyway.


Major flaw: She is in a picture on T-Nation, not in my bedroom.

Satisfied, Bastard?


She reminds me of my wife

Damn, now I can't concentrate to work.


you'll live to see another day


Looks like Crissy Moran to me. Same "bubble butt".


Don't give TC all the credit. I posted this pic on the Brunette Worship thread back on 9/25.


When I originally found it I knew it was a Top 5%'er. And like somebody else said on this thread, she reminds me of my wife......seriously.


I don't know - the tile doesn't really match her bra. Red just clashes with the blue-green tile.

I think I'd like her better if she would just take off her bra.


She does remind me of my wife, although my wife has had 2 kids, she is still built like this.


Not to belabor a point but I though his Wed image, while attractive was more anorexic than athletic. His Wed image usually is some form of athlete.

Of course the junior high kids got upset.

This pic is incredible.


then who is she? she does not look like lucy pinder, as this girl has way mo' betta all kinds of stuff ... look at that @ss. her skin. her arms are fuller. her back - she ain't arnold, but girls don't get backs like that without moving metal. her chest looks smaller albeit better. plus her face is perfected by those heavenly DSLs.

i am not in love,


Deeeezzzzzzz Nutzzzzzzz