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Powerful Image 1/9/06


psst... Jilly, I think he's lookin' your way. :slight_smile:


He looks like Sean Waltman (X-Pac from the WWE) to me.


Yes, he's been making eyes at me all day...

Oh, wait, that was me :smiley:

Seriously, that is a stellar physique.


I think you mean that Sean Waltman looks like him. Him = Frank Zane, with a wolfman beard


I thought that was Frank Zane! Thanks for clearing that up. I never saw a picture with him having a beard before.


Chuck Norris gave him the gift of beard.


...but not the roundhouse kick.


that pic is one of my all time favorite pics. I think I may even have posted it on the "fav bodybuilding pic" thread.


same here.. . the beard tops it off. ..