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Powerful Image 1/25/06


That is the best female physique I have ever seen. Excellent work, TC..


I must agree here TC. Normally, I would say that whomever's job is to go fetch all of these PIs ... well, what a pathetic loser. But in this case, excellent work.



Dan's pouting because he found the picture for me and I neglected to give him credit.

(Actually, finding these pics is one of the best parts of my job. I get to scan soft-core porn sites and get paid for it.)


Just visited her web site, www.brittmiller.com. Physically, she is my ideal woman.


Absolute perfection


Even in my attempt at self deprecation, I am misunderstood. Besides, I don't pout, I bitch and moan.

Anyhoo, I am waiting for some negative comments on Britt. WTF will someone say? She is ridiculous. Now, scientists, clone THAT.



We have pics of Brit on our refridgerator. Mj likes that ass.


Settle down fellas. Yes the powerful image is a good one. But a quick look on her website reveals 2 things 1) her physique isn't always like that; and 2) she has a face like a smacked monkey.


I've always liked this pic of Britt.

She really does have nice lines.



I agree 100% now we could clone her from the waist down, but her face resembles New york Nicks foward patrick ewing, who in turn resembles bobo, the orangutang I saw at the zoo a few weeks ago.



I would so smack her monkey. You can't talk me out of it. I've seen more than enough of her to know that I'd hit it any time any day.


Whatever, fellas, she looks like gold to me. The only complaint I can make is that she is seriously breast-impaired. With a little saline...absolute perfection.


Here's another...


If you like fucking blokes - why do they need breasts?




I'm sorry, Britt is hot! I've got a pic of her on my fridge (a previous pi) and a pic of her on my mirror in our bedroom---an ass shot! Shows me that a big booty can be a tone booty. :slightly_smiling:


Don't be sorry - each to there own. IMO your avatar looks hotter than any of the pics of Britt I've seen. But thats just my opinion. :slightly_smiling:


why thank you sir! :slight_smile:


Sweeeeet. My ego is growing.


Man, what website are you guys looking at? I went there and some of the shots were okay but this woman looks like frickin' Tarzan! You want to pound it with Tarzan?

Sorry guys, to each their own but I prefer Jane.