Powerful Image 1/23

Now that is a powerful image…squatting a shit load of weight…

i like the chicks with their sorta fit bodies with great tits holding footballs, but thats not exactly motivating me to squat more lol…its motivating me to watch porn.


Tom Platz, the “golden eagle”.

He and Rich Gaspari were my heroes…

And Lee Labrada…

God they were huge,
but still looked like human beings.

Tom Platz

These are the Quads that type of Squatting got Platz:




And finally Gary Grant, which has probably never lifted anything but was a role-model anyway.

If the powerful image is supposed inspire as opposed to arouse then this one is on the money.

I have met Platz on several occasions as well as have attended seminars and witnessed workouts at gyms I trained at also.

His ferocity in the gym still inspire even after the Bicep tear and his retiremnt he still trained intensely.

I have seen a more recent pic of him not so massive these days but this pic is how I will always remember him.

[quote]Mufasa wrote:
These are the Quads that type of Squatting got Platz:


Damn! His VMOs are bigger than my outer quads!!