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Powerful Image: 1/18/06


Okay, I'll start it this week:

I love her level of leaness.

I love her "X" Frame.

She has "put in the work".

She is hot.

Who is she?



Pia Marlen Johnsen


Pia Johnson?






I remember a girl in the Gym a couple of years ago who looked like her.

She kept to herself...pushed some major iron; and would begin each workout with "I can DO this!")

(She was a Gymnast...)



Thanks, TG!

I found two more pics:

(She does put in the work, for sure.)






By the way:

I always thought "TommyGunn" was a cool nic!



Good lord, that is perfection! For some reason, she has to be like number 2 in my book of all time fav females. I have to look for more pics now...



Mufasa you forgot to throw in "I'd hit it!"


Who wouldn't want Pia's lats/lower back?


(AND hot!)



Why 2. She's my NO.1


She's cute but she's got kind of a strange way of holding her finger when she poses, (Doesn't detract from her level of fitness) but just odd looking.


Powerful Image indeed...

The pic would be perfect if she had maintained the spread but rotated ever so slightly to the left or the right at her waist so that we could catch a glimpse of sideboob.

That's the hog in me talkin



LOL, who's looking at her fingers?


Dude, thats her gang sign from back in Belarus. You didn't know that?



Ha ha!


I'd HIT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!