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Powerful Image 1/11/06


I guess I'll start this one off-
Who is she and where can I find the nudey pictures of her?


I just want to know who she is, and what her face looks like.


Mufasa, time for a quick game of "Name that Powerful Image". I want to know too.


Better yet, where can I find shots from the back?


It looks chilly, wherever she is...


count me in!



Call me crazy but no "Powerful Image" will ever be the same as the girl that Chris Shugart and TC awarded the Powerful Image of the year award to in their 2005 Testes post. Seriously, that is about as close to perfection as one can come. She even rivals the spectacular Jessica Simpson for my number 1 spot!!



She blows Jessica Simpson out of the water.


I appreciate the look of today's Powerful Image more becasue of the work it takes to look like that. I like that lean and hard look.


All I could think when I saw her picture was that "this is what I want to achieve!!!" I WILL look like her!


Call me crazy but I like for a girl to look like a girl and for me today's Powerful Image of the day is way to much. She doesnt even have a chest for christ sakes, just one hard nip...


We all like Elin Grindemyr but can we shift focus to todays powerful image. It's one of the only female bodybuilder types that has arroused my interest and I want to know if her face is going to kill the whole thing. WHO IS IT?!



I can really see how you find that cock-diesel powerful image of the day girl attractive!! Oh wait a second, I can't.



A chest does not a woman make. Look at her abs, legs, and shoulders. It's cool that she isn't for you. But the fact that she traded her breasts for the physique is ok with me.


This debate is all well and good but...

COME ON TC!! We need a little help with this one. :slight_smile:


Kudos to the chick on the left.. if I can achieve even half of that this year I'll be mega freakin happy! Dedicated women, god bless 'em!



She's a little hard for my tastes. Like daddy woul'd say, I need 'em a little more "dairy" then that.

That being said, she's still hot, what we can see of her.


So, you won't mind if I use my whip to encourage you?


I don't know, guys!

TC is getting pretty "sneaky" lately! (I wonder if some of these pics are coming from his "personal stash"!)


This is another one that has me stumped!!!

(By the way; She looks GREAT! And while I think Elin is an absolutely stunning woman, I think that all the work she probably had to do was be born!)



Oh you can definatly use your whip!