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Powerful Image 09/09/05


Where did she buy those jeans? My god that gal is smokin!


I bought them for her so I could take that picture, live of course. =)



She shows up 2 or 3 times in ass worshop (one same pic couple diff ones) so if you want more just breeze through the short thread and you'll find her.



Hey, nice car!

Oh my God I'm gay.


Damn, I honestly didn't even realize she was leaning against a car until you pointed it out!

I was too busy checking out her ass-ets.




Hon, those are boots, not jeans.

Damn cool ones at that.


Yeah.. That picture was my post.. HIHI!!
Got really exited when the pic appeard on the Powerful Image!!

Have huge collection on my hard...
The girl is perfect in any aspect!!


A) That's a '54-'56 Chevy Pick-Up
B) Not that there's anything wrong with that....


Yeah, well, it's not perfect that she's about to go to work on an old pickup with no tools, no manual, no buddy leaning over her shoulder with a flashlight, no six pack of coors, no pack of smokes tucked under her bra, no hanky hanging out of her back pocket, or no Def Lepard blaring out of a stereo!!!

For shame little miss butt model, for shame...

Nice toosh though.


I want to put on a lobster bib and eat that ass over a red and white checkered tablecloth with melted butter and a beer.

Did I just say that out loud?


"SHORT" yeah! lol


begining to wonder, I didn't notice the car till I saw your post.


It is?

Yep, definitely gay. I can feel my dancing skills and fashion sense improving already.


On behalf of all the gay people on this site, I am thoroughly insulted by your offensive stereotyping, Shugs.


...Because I'm assuming I'm now gay, seeing as:

a) I had noticed there was a car

b) I was wondering how those boots were put together

c) The first thing I noticed when I saw the pic was the lack of tricep development in her left arm

I wonder if my fiancee would think there's anything wrong with that...?


I wonder if she juices...


She's definitely using.


Who is she?


Da(r)lene Curtis. Or something like that.