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Powerful Image 09/02/05


I just drooled all over myself.

Seriously, that ass to waist ratio is mind boggling, who is she?


ass to waist ratio...never heard that one before, I love that, can I use that?


Hell no, copyright OB... haha j/k.


Yeah, seriously, this is what it's all about right here.


How about bratio? Breast to waist ratio. That's always good.


Chrissy Moran


I was wondering who whe was too.

Please! someone let us know her name (I need to do some searching on the internet)


See above.
You may have difficulty- there are only about a million pictures of her out there.


You're the man deano.

JSB, while bratio may be aesthetically pleasing, its not really descriptive in itself. It looks like you just put a b in front of the word ratio. I assume you would always want that ratio to be around 1:1 anyway...

Can anyone tell I'm bored?


Why would you want the breast to waist ratio to be 1:1?


if this hasnt been said yet, i'd like to point out that she IS a pornstar


And we have Deano's encyclopedic knowledge of this genre of film to thank for her recognition.


Why WOULDN'T you?


Actually I just thought he wrote breast to ass because I'm so lazy I didn't even finish reading the sentence.

On the plus side, I'll have Chrissy Moran porn in t-minus 5 minutes. WOOT!


I didn't know who this was when I found her, but I don't think it's Ms. Moran.

I think this girl is Asian.


You misspelled "Assian."


This woman does not apear to have any visible deltoids.
Overall: looks fragile and puny.
This I consider a big turn-off.


I'm pretty sure you're right Atomic. I have many pictures and videos of Chrissy Moran on my computer. Her nose doesn't look like that, but you can't realy see her face too well (not that I'm complaining).

Chrissy is gorgeous, but I realy don't think that's her.


1 to 1? You'd want a girl with a 25 inch waist to have a 25 inch chest? Not me. More like a 36 inch chest. As a side note, there was a girl sitting in front of me in my mock/intro Contracts class today who was so skinny she probably was the same around the top as her waist. I could clearly see her ribs through the back of her tank top. I have no doubt I could wrap a hand around her upper arms. It was so disconcerting and sad that it was difficult to concentrate on what the prof was saying.


Hmm, I don't know, looks like she could take a pretty good pounding to me...ever considered you might be gay?