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Powerful Image 07.01.05


How about her?

I think this is a great combination of both a sexy woman and a powerful physique.

This wouldn't happen to be Cory, would it? Kind of looks like her legs.


Not impressed.


Why isn't she towing a C-5 Galaxy? Like Nate said not impressed!

Who am I kidding.... that's so motivating, I think I'm gonna leave work right now and go hit the weights/ :wink:



You can tell that today's Powerful Image works out and obviously has great quads and glutes, but you can't really see her upper body enough (I'm not trying to complain, just pointing it out)

This is my all-time favorite Powerful Image, from early June. I think she has the perfect body, yet very attainable. Her website says that her favorite exercise is deadlifts and it shows. I find her very motivating, yet I remember all the guys found her very sexy too.

Remember though, it doesn't mater who gets posted, she will appeal to some women as motivating, and not others. The girl I liked will be too big for some women, not big enough for others.


TC your really slacking bub. I'm gonna call A TSB on TC for this totally un-powerful image.

Eh... just because I steal this and put it in ass worship doesn't mean you're off the hook either.



Very impressed.


Oh glorious, lucious glutes! I can stare at you all day.

Yeah Baby! Very, very impressive.


Oh my God! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I can feel my testitculartestosteroniebalogna flowing!!! :wink:



What's her name? (the girl that does deadlifts)


Can't remember now, someone else will have to help me out.


Kinda looks like my ex from behind...damn, I miss that crazy, psycho, manic-depressive bitch...


Moorea Wolfe


I think she's blatently seeking attention and getting inflated comments with that picture. I mean, anybody can be lean, simply don't eat.


Unless she has a horse face behind that mane of hair, I'd hit it. Who am I kidding, if she had a horse face I'd still hit it... from behind anyway.


Moorea Wolfe



I'd hit it especially if she has a horse face.


...although, that would keep you guys from cock blocking me...


I'd drink her dirty bath water! Hell ya!


My brain is very impressed with her musculature and development and tells me it is a powerful image. More importantly, my penis tells me it is a Powerful Image. And he is never wrong. Therefore, it is a perfect powerful image.


She need not have muscles to raise the tent.


Does she drive a VW? Because I can see it's bonnet.


She makes me whinney