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Powerful Image 05-24-2006


Ok, I can't believe that I am the first to say it. I'd hit it! Chain me up baby!


Is that Fawnia Mondey? She's always welcome in the PI section.


I believe that's Fawnia Mondey, she's one of my favorites. I really love her physique.

Height: 5'4
Birthday: 9-24th-75 (Libra)
Weight: 125 off season, 108 competition, 115 comfortable
Measurements: 35-24-34


Oh heck yeah...At first I was thinking, what's up with the damn chains...but the more I looked at it, it just all fits.


I know I'm gonna be made fun of for saying this, but: Those lats/serratus anterior/obliques are hot as hell.


Haha, I actually noticed the separation in her lats

I am glad somebody posted about this particular PI. Somebody at work today (since I am "that guy who lifts weights and stuff") asked me if I am into "those girls that get all big." [insert accompanying hand gestures signifying hugeness]

I responded that I wasnt and offered this pi as an example of what I was into. He quickly dismissed her as "too much" pointing immediately towards her arms. im genuinely surprised


Men who are weak of spirit and/or body require small women to make them feel bigger. Me? I'd love a woman that I wouldn't be afraid of breaking by accident. I can't stand the damned stick figures. They're so fragile and prissy, and are usually half-mad from the lack of food.


She has a rockin body. A great example of what weights can do for a women. I've not really a fan of very muscular women, but if a guy can't appreciate that and doesn't think that's a sexy body, I'd say there's something wrong with him.




A smug "Well, it's all relative to your own size." or "Yeah, she'd probably hurt you." generally achieves the dual effect of rationalizing your position and bringing your agressor's manhood under suspicion.


DAMN! This lady is fine....DAMN!...

Did I forget to say: DAMN!!


that guy at your work should be fired. If he has his head THAT far up his ass that he can't see how goddamn hot she is...

At least I hope the idiot isn't your boss!


I know i havent masturbated today YET(shocking for me), but DAMN THIS WOMAN IS DRIVING ME NUTS JUST BE LOOKING AT HER PICTURE!!!


I like Jamie more...


I dunno cell... its a tough one. I think we need more photos of both for a good comparison!




Here ya go!


By popular request...