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Powerful Image 05/19/06


I like muscle as much as the next guy but.....


There's just something about this one.


agreed. that's rad.


Get ready to bounce ... er... pounce!


I'll be that douche bag and ask for a name and/or more pics


When in doubt, always check first with Johnny Crosslin's site. (You're welcome.)



Whwat a great site soryr having trouble typing only wiht one hand rite now



I was under the impression you liked a more 'brokeback' kind of action....


I don't doubt that you would


Sweet, I love Johnny's photoshops.


I actually like the skateboarder from a couple of days ago more. Posed pictures are, IMO, just not as good. I like women who look more natural, in a natural setting.

And, athletic women are WAY better in bed!



Just checked that site out. Just another reason I wish I had a better guidance counselor in High Screwel. Sexy Model Photographer would have had me at attention and something to strive to become when I was 17-18. Those bastards.