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Powerful Image 04/17/06


Is that Waterbury? I was looking and thought there was a resemblence. What do you think?



I dont think so.

Although, the file name does end in 'pretty boy'.


Its Steve Nash. He got super jacked for this season!


Hahahahahhahha holy shit thats great.


That is sooooo NOT Waterbury! (Waterbury has blonde hair & blue eyes and is quite the hottie. Search around, there are a few pics here somewhere)

I just noticed this PI and think he has a really great physique.


No, it's not. Actually, facially the guy in the pic looks more like Berardi, but it's not him, either.

Just some photo of an unknown BB that was sent to me.


Anyone else think it looks like Scott Glenn on steroids?


Okay..my bad! I couldn't really tell the eye colour from the pic. Nice bod though!


Glad I could make you all laugh.


I thought it was Berardi at first glance.


TC -- thanks for putting one up for us gals! Nice that we can play the guessing game for a change!


What I want to know is why is the girl in the background have such big balls that she has to hold them with her manhands?

Who wants to do the crocodiledundee "this girl is a man" tast on her?


Apart from the rest of his sick physique, his forearms suck.


Pic of Waterbury can be found here: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=785261&pageNo=1


He's got that greasy Steve Nash hair creepy look about him.