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Powerful Image 01/20/06


I have been converted...

I am now the biggest football fan ever!!!


i don't know what it is about girls in football jerseys, but it's always good.


I sure as hell am ready for some football. Whooo hoooo!!


I'm sure that cow was unhappy when it got slaughtered to make a football, but after looking at that pic I think its luck has changed for the better... unless of course it was a female cow. That would just be ironic.


ummmm, all cows are female lol.... otherwise they are bulls!


Or a calf. That would just be wrong...

Anyway, sounds like a modern version of Ovid's Metamorphoses. A picture speaks more than a thousand hexameters, though.


Holy bovine, good point!


I always thought it was a pig skin?

Shame on me for not knowing.

I think, yes I think, yes I would put many through her uprights.


My first reaction: "Oh, puh-lease"

yeah, yeah, I know...


I've never wanted to "be the ball" more in my life.


I bet I could blindside her and knock that ball loose... now THAT would be a Powerful Image


My first reaction was also "oh please" . . . although I suspect the tone of my voice was different.


She has nude pictures too.


Oh thank you NN!


You never really stop being a Nittany Lion, eh? :wink:


nope, it kind of becomes part of your dna after you put so many hours into something. And I certainly won't stop being a nittany lion if it will help expose female breasts...


Hmmm... my logic is flawed... are there lesbian cows?


I usually like the powerful images, but this one is annoying me. I can't wait till she's gone. She looks like a retard with that football.



I agree. She should drop the football.