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Powerful Image 01.06.06






Nice body..however she has a Shanene smile..


Okay, I'll ask it.

What does "a Shanene smile" mean?


Remember In Living Color?


Actually, In Living Color was "Wanda the Ugly Girl" played by Jamie Foxx. "Shanaenae" was from Martin and played by Martin Lawrence. This girl doesn't look like either one.


Ah, got it. Yeah i rememebr Jamie Fox's "Wanda" character and Shanaenae from Martin.

This girl has a smile, a look thats saying either;

  1. Either do me hard or I'll kill you,


2.God my feet hurt in these heels.


ARGH, who cares haha, what's this girl's name? I've been trying to find out for a while. :smiley:


Does anybody know who this chick is?????
I am gonna bump this till I find out!


Sorry, Mike.

TC got me on this one!



Misty Dawn.

She was on the PI for several times.


One more...


Why does she remind me of a certain new Canadian member who has been posting a lot of pictures recently?