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I just found some biotest supplements locally and looked at powerdrive!

I’m looking for a replacement for ephedrine and was wondering was this exactly what im looking for?

So is it? Please dont say it just to sell ur products lol
does it have any side effects?

who here’s tried it?
results please?

Well, Power Drive is not a fat burner like ephedrine, but if you’re talking about wanting a new pre-workout stimulant then Power Drive is what you’re looking for. It’s not a traditional “jack you up” CNS stim though, it works through different pathways.

Here, Thibaudeau can explain it better than me: http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/233super.jsp

Powerdrive works well, however I had to also have a few cups of green tea or caffiene to really get ready for the gym.

I believe Powerdrive helps you more with the workout then it does to help you get “amped up” for the workout.


I just ordered some, im going to give ita whirl… ill let you know how it is…