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How long do the effects or benefits of Powerdrive last once consumed? Hours, a day? Will it last longer the longer I take it? I’m interesting in taking it mostly for the improved focus, mood and memory for work and studying, not so much for weightlifting.

I really don’t know! I’ve never used it for that purpose, only pre-workout. Tim Patterson has advised me that I really ought to do as he does and use it as you’re talking about but somehow I never got myself to do it, so I can’t say.

I’ve used it before tests, and I’ve found that I usually “feel” something for about an hour or two. I think that under stressful situations, however, it will clear out more quickly due to higher blood flow. Or I could be completely off.

Biotest says not to go over two servings per day, so I’d suggest taking it once in the morning and once around 4 or 5PM. So I guess the effects last about half a waking day per dose.

I can tell you this. When I was practicing my piano lessons, I could play for no more than 30 minutes and then I would have to wait ten hours before I could practice again. People like myself who are no longer children or musically gifted (or both) have this problem. But when I used Powerdrive, I could play for an hour and a half non-stop.

I’ve taken it many times for that purpose after being up all night. It really is better then e.g. coffee, and the effects seem to last several hours for me.

For me, it seems to start taking effect about 1/2 hr after consuming and I notice the effect helps for about 1-11/2 hrs after which it starts to decline.