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PowerDrive when??

When do you guys think the best time to take PowerDrive would be, Before a workout or during? I remember reading an article where J.Berardi recommended drinking after training or at night for better neural recovery. By the way Chris S., when are the Advanced Protein Bars coming out?! Thank you all.

Not sure exactly when the bars are coming but I’ve seen some new ads for them and for… some other top secret type stuff about to come out. So all I can say is the bars should be out soon. I think Biotest is going to release two flavors first, then come out with a couple of more later.

For me, 1/2 hr. “before” works great!

Does anyone have any experience using it for school purposes? Like before an exam or hard core study session? Seems like i’d help.

When we had our college nationals in january, i used one serving when i woke up and one two hours later before we competed. I performed perfectly and felt in the zone. I was totally calm and felt under control despite that fact i was about to be in front of a lot of people and this was being taped for ESPN. I credit some of this to Power Drive.

TC and I both use Power Drive before we tackle big articles. I use it a lot for conferences and expos too, usually stacked with MD6 if I’ve stayed out most of the night (which is likely.) It’s great for college students as well. I’ve found Power Drive to be better than at least one of the “smart drugs” on the black market I’ve tried.

Thanks Chris, I have some cramming to do and Ill take all the help I can get.