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PowerDrive Tip of the Day


For those of you that have had difficulty mixing your PowerDrive: try using an ounce of hot water, mixing in the PD, then adding cold water. Works like a charm!


I will try that tonight when I take it again. Thanks!

-Get Lifted


Thank You! That has been driving me crazy! Love Power Drive though...


Yeah, it has driven me crazy for a couple of years. I never really thought about it until today, and then voila! Glad I could be of service :wink:.


bingo. good job.



I have to use a blender to get it to mix all the way. That way I can still use cold water.


Ace: it only takes an ounce of hot water... you mix it, then add an ice cube and some cold water to get it chilled.


I read once where people complaining of creatine not mixing well just don't use enough water and use water that's too cold. So with Power Drive I usually use more water than called for and mix it with club soda from the fridge and warm tap water. Mixes up easy that way.

But like someone else said above, even when it's gritty it works and you gotta love the effects!