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PowerDrive Question

Does anyone know if any of the ingredients in PowerDrive will compete with Tribex or M for absorption? I plan on taking them together first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. If anyone has a clue one way or the other I’d appreciate it.

That is often my routine: up early, take Tribex & M, and less than an hour later take some Power Drive and caffeine. The Power drive works great, no question! But I’ve always tried to give myself at least a half hour after Tribex and M. I’m pretty sure they are on their way into my system by the time I drink the PD.

TShaw: do you take it preworkout, prework or before some other endeavor that you wish to focus more for? Or do you take it just for the day, generally?

I’ve thought about getting some for study sessions and/or pre-intense workout.

The power-stack is incredible. I have taken it all at once (pre-workout @4:30am) and have also taken Tribex & M about 1 hour prior to the PD. Personally, I didn’t see a difference in the timing. It worked great both ways.

Right Side,
Sorry I wasn’t clear. I work out in the a.m., and drink the PD just as I am about to hop in the car (it’s a 40-minute drive to the gym for me). First time I took it, along with 2 Excedrin migraine (for the caffeine boost), I couldn’t believe how much more alert I was for the workout, not to mention “chatty” and (if I do say so myself) witty.

This past Sunday, I took PD at 8:00 a.m. (after a night with <4 hours of sleep), and drove 250 miles. It’s a drive I make several times/year, and I’m usually working hard to focus, because it’s always after 2 nights of missing sleep. I never thought to take PD before, but I’m going to from now on. I not only felt more awake and alert for the NYS Thruway, but I didn’t immediately collapse into bed once I got home.

I almost wish I were back in graduate school, so I could try this out under those circumstances! It’s great for focusing and feeling alert.

sweet, thanks

Thanks for the answers guys. If I have the extra time in the a.m. I’ll take them 30min apart. I took all three together this morning and still felt really alert at the gym despite only having been awake for about 90min. I usually wait at least 2 hours to hit the gym since it takes me so damn long to clear the cobwebs in the morning. I just came off a double-does Mag-10 cycle and need to make damn sure the Tribex/M do their job.