PowerDrive - PM/Workout - AM

I used to workout early in the morning (6AM) but recently its just been tough as hell to get up early. Anyways, I was wondering if taking PowerDrive right before bed would help me to wake up early in the morning?

I know I sound like a lazy bastard and I should just suck it up and get my ass outta bed when I need to. However, it is pretty tough to do when you unconsciously hit the Snooze button about 30 times until you half-wake up, look at the clock, and realize “holy shit, I gotta get outta bed.”

Bump. Just to see if anybody can get me some info on this.

You’re just lazy. It’s all in your head. Keep some smelling salt or water next to your alarm clock and grab those instead. Or you could just tell yourself, “GET UP!!!”

Yo, Chrissy! My man, when your alarm goes off, just think: [quote]What would T-Man do?[/quote] Then wake that ass up! Seriously, then down your serving of PowerDrive with some Club Soda (whilst fasted) and you’ll be good-to-go, bro!

Honestly, though, if you try PowerDrive before hitting the sack (and I don’t mean nut), tell me how it works out. Not waking up in the morning, mind you. I’m talking about those crazy ass dreams you’ll have!

Chris, set the alarm 30 minutes earlier(i.e., 5:30). Keep your “brain food” on the nightstand by your bed and pop 'em down when the alarm goes off.

Brain food could be Hot Rox, caffeine (the NoDoz type), a little bit of glucose, MSM at about 5g, PS, PC, L-Tyrosine – or heck, just use Powerdrive. Give it 30 minutes, and it will have hit your system big time, and you’ll be ready to hit the gym.

Oh, and it might help if you get some more sleep. Growing and sleeping (more) go hand in hand.


Do not take PowerDrive before bed. One, if not more, of the ingredients will make it hard to fall asleep - and if you can’t fall asleep, it’s gonna be hell waking up!

I think the ingredient in question is Taurine or Tyrosine or something, don’t have my research in front of me…

Actually, here it is: Tyrosine (the amino acid) or its deriviative, tyramine, will trigger the release of norepinephrine by the adrenal glands. Norepinephrine, my friends induces an alert waking state in horses and in men.

That’s it, straight from the horse’s mouth.

And Tyrosine is in PowerDrive, (just checked) and as it just so happens that I’m jacked up on that same lovely concoction this very minute!

Buy one of those programmable coffee machines, program it to go off 5-10 mins before you want to wake up. Nothing wakes me up like the smell of coffee. Note that you don’t actually have to drink it.

tyrosine may interfere with seratonin aswell (via tryptophan), not to mention the catecholmine effect it has (direct precussor). Short answer: no dont take it before bed, that is plain silly
Why are you having probs getting up lately? bad sleep? going to bed too late?
Try some 5htp 30min pre bed for a couple of nights (or melatonin, but i find it make make drowsy the next am) to hopefully help you get better sleep, then getting up might not be so hard,
oh and stop being a lazy prick, suck it up big guy!

Does your schedule allow you to work out in the afternoon instead?

I used to have AM workouts, but they weren’t as effective as PM so I switched back.