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Powerdrive Over Time

Does Powerdrive lose effectiveness over time? I want to start taking it for school purposes (class, exams, studying), and will probably take two doses a day. Will it always work like the first time, or does the brain become accustomed to it after several weeks, months, or years?

As with many “smart drugs”, Power Drive tends to work better over time. I still use it only when needed though. I think if you’re shotguning back two serving at once you should cycle it. But one serving every morning should be fine long term. I did that for months once to help me get over coffee.

Results are fairly consistent, you just get less and less ‘surprised’ by the effects. Try a choline supplement, though, as DEHA causes the brain to use acetylcholine faster (you have to take choline, because acetylcholine won’t pass through the blood brain barrier if you take it straight).

It has been stated by t-mag that its effectiveness should increase over time. As far as memory goes, I have been taking Vinpocetine for about 3 weeks and have noticed an improvement in memory. In fact, I just had a midterm yesterday that was nothing more than regurgitating information. I haven’t gone to this class for 3 weeks and only crammed the night before the test. I was extremely surprised at the amount of information I able to recall for the test. Granted I did study exactly the right stuff, I normally wouldn’t have been able to retain that amount of info that I did with that little studying. I also take DMAE to help me concentrate during crunch time (studying, exam, lifting, etc).

You can tell that I forgot my powerdrive today, as I said DEHA instead of DMAE. Sigh.

Ever taken music lessons? A kid can practice for hours. But an adult like myself who returns to piano lessons after a 15 year absence, I can only practice up to 45 minutes before getting a headache. With Powerdrive, I’ve steadily increased my practicing to an hour and half per session. Amazing shit. Powerdrive is my most satisfying Biotest product even before Mag10.