Powerdrive MD6 combo! WOW!

Just got back to Santa Monica and had three bottles of Powerdrive waiting for me. I had to try the recommendations that were on t-mag a few issues a go and was blown away. I took 2 servings of Powerdrive and 2 MD6 capsules and felt like I could have worked out hard for hours. Definitely a great combination.

That combo is way too much for me. But Powerdrive and one caffeine tablet is awesome. I use club soda too as per Staley’s advice.

I was just wondering what the club soda is for?
Does it help with the Ph balance or something else?

I started using Power Drive this week and haven’t noticed anything. I started by using 1 scoop and 200 mg of caffeine, but have since increased to 2 scoops. What am I supposed to feel using this product?

You probably won’t feel a whole lot of stimulation with powerdrive it’s more of a focused, clear headed type feeling. However, if you’ve been using lots of thermogenics and caffeine prior to using power drive you might not feel anything at all except for being tired due to the lack of thermos.

HughDogg, my guess that Staley suggests using club soda is that it speeds gastric emptying. Meaning it makes it pass through your digestive system faster, so you feel the affects quicker.

I was not using caffeine prior to using power drive. In fact, I had not had any caffeine in about 6 months. I notice when I take Power Drive that it seems to hit me very quickly, but by the time I start my activity I am back to normal. I take the Power Drive half an hour before my activity.

BTW, when they say an empty stomach, how long does it have to be since you ate for your stomach to be empty? I usually take Power Drive 1 1/2 - 2 hours after my last meal.

I would wait a couple of hours after a meal or if using it in the morning take it before I eat.

I have an article coming up on Power Drive today it might help you answer some of your questions. But to briefly give you an answer … Power Drive is not a supplement that you feel a lot (or at all for that matter). So if you evaluate its efficacy on this sole factor you’ll obviously end up having a negative opinion on it. Understand that Power Drive has a myriad of subtle effects that can make a huge difference in your training and life, but you might not even realise it!

Looking forward to your article. I figured since everyone on here seems to rave about how good their workouts are, or how much stronger it makes them, that it wasn’t doing anything for me. I am also going to try to eat earlier in the morning before my training so my stomach will be emptier when I take it.

The first time I tried it, I did feel a ‘boost’: felt more motivated…not a high per se, just more willing to get to it. Since then, not much. I am starting my second week on PD, so I will report back then. I usually have 2-3 cups of coffee when I get up in the a.m. and before the last one, I take PD, eat about 15 minutes later and then about 1 hour later go to the gym to lift. I have to get the kids to school so that morning routine is pretty fixed.