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PowerDrive Experience

Just wanted to post my recent PowerDrive Experience and see if there where any simlar/dissimilar experiences. I just started it today (and didn’t expect anything as I’ve never been to excited about Powerdrive anyway) and was STUNNED. I didn’t notice any strength change but was alert and focused in minutes - unreal. I may start using this before long ass budget planning meetings at the office!

Jim, when I use it, I get the same feelings. I also get a more productive workout and better endurance. You’ll notice those effects when you decide not to use it. I also noticed something else. I handle stress and bad situations different. I have missed my last week of Power Drive and have gone back to “losing it” when someone cuts me off in traffic (“asshole”) or my dog just sniffs and takes her time going pee (“hurry up, I have better things to do”)…LOL. If you recall the “skeptic power drive experience”, I can totally relate to that article. If you haven’t read it, just put the above into the search engine on the mag site.

it has pretty much the same effect on me. no strength gains. i actually don’t really like it for some of my workouts because it seems to calm me down too much. when i take it before a workout it makes me very focused but i lose the desire to want to break stuff and don’t seem to be nearly as aggresive as if i hadnt have taken it. sometimes if i am doing a high volume workout though it can be helpfull because i don’t get off task. as for taking it other times, it is incredible for final exams, studying and as you mentioned, long meetings. it also seems to start effecting me almost instantly after i take it. i wonder why they say to take it 30 minutes to an hour before.

It’s interesting to note that those who are really “in tune” with their bodies really notice a difference with Power Drive. For example, if someone doesn’t keep a training log, doesn’t know what their best 3RM is in certain lifts etc. then they might not think much of Power Drive, except maybe as a focusing tool or alertness aid.

On the other hand, I’ve talked to Charlie Francis and a couple of his athletes and they’re freaking out over this stuff. Charlie even ask me, “What’s in it? What’s really in it?” Of course, these guys (and gals) are really in tune with their bodies. This is also why so many Olympic athletes are using it.

As for me, I like it before heavy workouts, but it really shines for improving concentration and mental flow. TC and I both take it before writing Atomic Dogs. I add a caffeine tablet sometimes, too.

For me, Power Drive is great before an exam after a late night of studying. Helps me get aroused mentally while calming the nerves.

I like Power Drive. I have stated that in the past. I have found a new use for the supplement outside of using it to maintain alertness during the workday (I do research in a clinical setting). I have found that if I take a Xenadrine, MD6 or the like preworkout and then drink a Power Drive towards the end of my workout it extends the positive side effects of the thermogenic aid. Biochemically, since tyrosine is a dopamine/NE precursor, it is wholly possible (but not YET clinically tested) that you may get more bang for your buck by combining these two supps. Anyone else experience this?

This is Michelle, have to use the ‘other’ name…sorry! I am on the fat fast diet right now and have noticed weakness and lack of endurance. Today I rode in a horse show, and took Power Drive before my class. If you have never ridden a horse, you may not identify, but I spent over an hour fighting with a 1,500 pound animal trying to make it do the opposite of what it wanted to do (i.e. not pretend he was a race horse) Not only was I not exausted afterwards, but I was ready to ride in another class. I’ll be testing it out at rugby practice tomorrow.