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powerdrive experience

here are my results from my powerdrive experience. It lasted for about 2 months. The number one thing that i noticed was longer muscle endurance. Meaning i could do more sets at a given intensity level. My strength levels were on par as my last androgen cycle back in july even though i have left elbow bicep tendonitis. I deadlifted 495lbs for 3 reps without any suit or equipment. I definitely lost body fat because i got shape back in my ab area and the striations in my quads reappeared. I recommend the power stack for any endurance athelete, power athelete, or high intensity brain user because my concentration levels during my finals was phenomenal. I gained about 6 pounds and lost bodyfat which is a lot for me since i was not oveloading on protein or carbs, about 300 grams a day protein. I started at 204 and ended at 210. I can honestly say that my power to weight ratio is the best it’s been in a long time. laters pk

Thanks for the feedback!
Do you use it with club soda like C. Staley suggests?

no club soda, just plain water. The club soda would probably kill my empty stomach because of the increase in acidity. laters pk