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sorry for the "stupid" question..
i know what is bodybuilding, and what is powerlitfing...

but whan you talk about powerbuilding i'm a bit confused.

Which kind of training you refer to?

any example? is it related with strongman training?



I would use that term to describe how I train. I train with strength as my primary goal and indicator of muscle gain. I lift very heavy with my last set often ending at just 4 reps on some exercises. The goal is still muscle gain and a lot of it. I think this term has only popped up recently because of the growing number of weekend warriors crowding gyms lately all acting as if they are afraid of the heavy weights.


mine too

intresting. usually i start with low reps and use higher for last series/excercize

i don't know how stuff are in your country. in mine there are not so much survivor of glorios "heavy weight clan"

the main goal for a lot of ppl here in italy is "fitness/welness" training

thanks for the info :slightly_smiling:


You may find this interview interesting: