Powerbuilding/Strongman Critique

Hey Guys,

I need some input regarding my next phase of training. I am interested in strongman/ powerbuilding. I am an intermediate lifter already.(315 squat for 2 x 5, 225 x 20, Deadlift 360, BP 225x5x3) Have mainly done body building but always been excited by strongman. My only problem is I Have no real facility or network closeby to learn or train in etc.

BUT Im moving to edinburgh scotland in 6 months and there is a fantastic facility there as well as top gyms. I’m no longer a member of a gym here to save the cash but I do have a bit of equipment here. So I wanna routine that can start getting me used to some areas of strongman, while doing powerbodybuilding as well. The equipment I have is as follows. Trap Bar, Standard Bar, Log Bar, Bench (no stands), 1 dumbell handle and plenty of weights. I’m gonna make sand bags, and possibly a tyre.

Now here is the first plan.

Log Bar Press 5x5
Dips or weighted pushups D.C Style
Flyes X 1 (mainly for stretching)

Trap Bar D’lift 5x5
Chins 5x5
Dumbell Row D.C. Style with stretch
Ancillary work rear delts, trap rows etc

I need a heavy chest exercise 5x5???
Barbell shoulder press D.C style
Side Raises
Skull crushers D.C. Style

Some form of squat (maybe barbell hack, or front squat??)for pyramid to DC style set with stretch.
Dumbell leg Curls D.C Style
Chins D.C Style
Barbell Rows 5 x 5

so, there it is, let me have it!!!
Where could I Put the sandbag training and what??

Really appreciate the help bro’s.

heavy chest exercise, incline bench, probably more sueful for strongman as far as hitting the shoulders a bit more…
do front squats with a clean in front of them cuz u need cleans for strongman