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Powerbuilding, Strength Ranges and Size in Same Day

Hey guys, i want to follow a program wich i could combine strength ranges and hyper, i´ve following a 5/3/1 progression. What kind of progression do you recommend me for the “3big”, i like doing heavy stuff at start of my session and then increasing de reps (in the same session strength and hypertrophy) How do you recommend me create “this workout”, thanks.

Age…weight… height … time under the bar and current strength level would help other give you quality advice.

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Uhh do 5/3/1?

Read 10 Wendler articles on the Tnation part of the site

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Something tells me after rereading the post of the Op probably has not read any of the books.

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17teen, 143 pounds, 174 cm, 1 year aprox, squat i think 160 pounds, bench 70 and 180 deadlift (i know im not strong yet)

could you tell me what books please?

Awesome, just awesome.

Wendlers books are in paper and digital versions. Get on Kindle, pay a little and get a good grasp of a basic programme. Tbh there’s also plenty of great free programmes on t nation but if you are in a position to purchase a book then do so.

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Oh I started with beyond 531

Just for clarification the numbers you listed are in actual pounds or kilograms? Also are they your 1 rep max or what you use for a given rep range.

Just do BBB, it’s not splicing atoms. Pick a program someone who knows what they are doing already made instead of trying to build your own.

Lane Norton has a system, I think it’s call Phat or something that is a blend between PL and body building. I’ve done both and prefer BBB.


thanks for explain me, i hadn´t idea before