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Powerbuilding Program


I posted here for some time back asking about my routine. Some things came in the way (the army mostly) and I haeven't gotten much training done the last 12-18 months. This june I started powerlifting, so far things are going good and I'm planning on entering my first major (as in national.. :stuck_out_tongue: ) competition this fall. My plan after this competition is to do a more powerbuilding inspired routine with a powerlifting spin on it, just to build some mass and strengthen the support musculature. Any thoughts on this?


My thoughts are...sounds like a plan, man.

I'm a little confused though. Do you plan on doing a "traditional" powerlifting program, and follow that with a "power-building" program? If so, I think we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. Let's focus on blasting through the competition, and after that, work on the next cycle.

That said, I'd feel pretty confident with any of Waterbury's routines, and pretty much any of Thib's. Not that any other coaches work wouldn't suit you well. But the two of them seem to prioritize strength and hypertrophy gains simultaneously.

It may also be worth checking out this Mike Mahler interview from way back, when he talked to Jimmy "The Iron Bull" Pellechia, a dude who's all about "Power bodybuilding", and did a 1015 bench press with 3 "spotters":


My plan is to do this routine (trad powerlifting routine from Dietmar) till I'm done with the competition, then I'll switch to something more powerbuilding inspired since I have 7-8 months till the next major competition. I just want to build some more lean mass and gain some strenght in the supporting musculature! :slight_smile: thanks for the tips!


Hey all, again! Im still using the dietmar program now, 3-4 weeks left till my next meet, looks like I'm going to make the qualifications for the junior nationals (norway), my goal for the jr-nat. is to make the qualification for the normal nationals which is in february/march next year. The thing is: my next meet is in 4 weeks, then i have 2-2.5 months till the jr-nationals, then I have 3-4 months till the nationals. Should i just do some maintainance work between this first meet and the jr-nationals and then 1) do a 2 month advanced gvt-program and then 2) a normal powerlifter pre-contest program? any ideas? suggestions?



i was thinking about something in that direction.


If you are looking for information regarding "powerbuilding", you might want to take a look at the writings of men who were successful in both bodybuilding and powerlifting or powerlifters who engaged in bodybuilding methods or men who are knowledgeable on the subject. These would be Denis Weis, Ken Lain, Dave Waterman, Joe Ladnier, Ted Arcidi, Chris Confessore, and Glen Chabot.


Thanks! it's not that i'm ever going to be on a stage, I'm waaay to happy as a fat little bastard for that, but i feel that i need to gain some mass, I'm 185cm tall and most powerlifters (good powerlifters) at that height are about 115-125kg (++), I'm a mere 105.. and that with a reasonable fat percentage, so I feel that i should try to gain some lean mass. That said: thanks for the tips, I'll look into the work of those guys and see what i can learn from it! :slight_smile: